The Ufer7 drink offering is versatile. Whether it is a spirit with numerous products directly from Switzerland, creative drinks or versatile beverages in the range of soda drinks: the choice is diversified. Besides, we offer beer from the «Stadtmauer Brauer» brewery in Basel by the glass, complemented with other nice beers. 

In addition, we offer homemade Iced Tea and seasonal, freshly made lemonades. Ask for it, we will be glad to help you, to find your drink.

New at the Ufer7: Rheinbrand Gin! Served in a classic Longdrink glass with the likewise classic Tonic Water. Besides that try out our drink called "BOB. The base: Rheinbrand Gin, completet with the new discovery of the Jamaican Ting. More to read about Rheinbrand Gin:


Drink menu