Rhein Stube

During the cold days in winter, we are back with on the fondue slope at the restaurant Ufer7. The «Rhein Stube» at the Ufer7 is opening on 6th November 2018.

Our variety of fondues are cooked by our Ufer7 kitchen team around Christoph Hartmann and is based on a cheese mixture from the Wirth dairy. There is the classic fondue, as well as others such as «Stadtmauer Brauer»-beer fondue or «Rheinbrand»-gin fondue.

Fine wines, a small selection of appetizers as well as desserts complete the offer. Our «Rhein Stube» is small but exquisite and furnished in a nostalgic Swiss chic design. We recommend to book in advance. Tanja Orlando, Fabio Gemperli, Christoph Hartmann and the Ufer7 team are looking forward to welcoming you!



Rhein Stube Menu