You certainly know these ones:

  • «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, beyond the seven mountains»
  • «little red riding-hood and the seven goats»
  • «The seven days of one week»
  • «The creation of the world in 7 days in the «Creation myth»
  • «The Seven Wonders»
  • «The seven year itch»
  • «A book with seven seals»
  • etc. etc. (ignoring the 7 Federal Councils at this point)



A Magical Number!

Isn't the number seven somehow a magical number? It is related to countless legends and stories. In addition, it is the number of our seven senses and inspires us. That is why you can find this number in our name, complemented with the word riverside (in German: «Ufer»), where we are situated. We are thinking about an inspirational and uncomplicated place, situated directly at the waterside of the river Rhein.


With Lightness

Particularly important for us is the «straightforwardness». The dictionary describes the word with the following synonym: convenient, simple, smooth, harmless, with lightness, effortless, without stress, without obstacle/complication, without problems/difficulties. How we are going to implement in a restaurant is difficult to describe, but easy to experience. So pass by!